As Fiber Logistics, we use the human resources activities efficiently with the determination of the personnel needs of the Units, the correct determination of the training needs of the employees, the importance given to employee satisfaction, the support and organizations that increase employee motivation.

In line with its strategic plan and vision, Fiber Logistics improves human resources by giving importance to continuous education.
and aims to bring new promising teammates into the group.

Our institution works with professional, qualified, educated, open to change and development, dynamic, adopting team spirit and helpful staff in line with its goals and needs. Making our team stronger is one of our most important goals.

Training process for our new personnel who joined Fiber Logistics; It starts with orientation training with the aim of better recognition of the company, a clearer understanding of the organizational structure, introduction of business processes, the working system and employees to new staff. With orientation training, it is ensured that the compliance of the personnel to the institution, work environment and work is managed efficiently.

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