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Road Transport

With our fleet of 57 vehicles, which is one of the fastest and most advanced fleets in our country, we provide logistics services for you in import and export operations in road transport.

Maritime Transport

More than 80 per cent of global trade takes place on the sea and we care about maritime transport. In this type of Transportation, which has many alternatives and options, Fiber logistics meets the needs of our customers in this area and provides services in marine transportation.


Air Transport

Air transport is the first transport service that comes to mind in crisis and instant solutions. This does not mean that the cost per unit of service is high, that the operation is urgent, or that only very high value cargoes must be carried. Today, because of the high demand for air transportation, Fiber Logistics continues to operate in this area as well.

Project Transport

Our qualified staff, aiming for the highest success, provides services to your needs in the field of Project transportation as well as in every field. With the following services, it will meet your sectoral needs in Project Services and provide you with the transportation service you wish.

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Rail Transport

Rail transport, which is a more economical and safe type of transport than other types of transport, is provided to the Middle East and European countries, and we, as Fiber Logistics, take our place in the sector and provide rail transport services.

Minivan Express Transport

Even though trucks and trucks come to mind when it comes to road transport, minivan transport should not be ignored. It may be advantageous in some cases, although it is less preferred.

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Storage Services

Fiber Logistics continues to provide its services by providing the storage activity with the warehouses made for you, not only in a transportation operation as a transportation, but also the cargoes you request.