fiber logistics storage services

Storage Services

Fiber Logistics continues to provide its services by providing the storage activity with the warehouses made for you, not only in a transportation operation as a transportation, but also the cargoes you request. Your products, which are secured with 7-24 camera systems in our facilities, are under the assurance of Fiber Logistics. Cleaning and spraying are provided in a systematic order and meticulousness and maximum hygiene is provided. Offering a personal lock system, Fiber Logistics also provides insurance services for your products. The archive storage service that we provide by taking into account not only storage in terms of logistics, but also stores all your documents and puts excess weight on you.

Safe Warehouse

Our warehouse, which has closed circuit alarm systems, pronet alarm system, 24/7 security guard, does not leave any uneasiness in the minds of its customers regarding security.

Ventilated Warehouses

Fiber Logistics warehouses, which are completely free from moisture and moisture, protect your products from lack of air and climate conditions.

Insured Warehouses

Your products insured by Fiber Logistics are guaranteed by our company.